Relaxation massage – art based on science

Anyone who thinks massage is not a science has not studied to be a massage therapist. To massage properly a therapist needs to know the soft tissues of the body and what they do, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and much more. A massage therapist must fully understand these systems to be proficient but to perform a relaxation massage they must know the art as well.
Many times I have been for a relaxation massage where the techniques were very proficient but the experience uninspiring. There is no doubt that I leave with a much more relaxed body and that I am better off for the experience but there was something lacking. something that I went there for in the first place – peace. We live in a world where peace is a forgotten word. In fact many people actively pursue everything that isn’t peaceful because they forget how wonderful peace can be. Relaxation massage can return this feeling.
The art of relaxation massage involves using the techniques to change the mental state of the client. To make them so deeply relaxed they are near to being asleep. Techniques are long and flowing with the transition between one technique to another unnoticed by the client. The aim is to perform what seems like one technique for the whole appointment where the client is not being brought back to the body because of oil application or hands abruptly being removed or replaced.
It is not the therapist is working like a robot but more like a sculptor merging with the moist clay molding it firmly into being. While working the therapist has one thing in mind – total relaxation. The most popular styles of relaxation massage are swedish and lomi lomi because their flowing techniques are very well suited to relaxation but any type of therapy performed with the right care and understanding can give deep relaxation to the client. This even includes pressure point techniques such as shiatsu.
If your massage therapist doesn’t make you feel like you have been to the deepest relaxation state you have ever been then it’s probably time to search for one who can. Does your therapist look relaxed, is the music tranquil, is the studio quiet and warm? Massage therapy can be expensive so why pay for something that isn’t really as good as it should be. Choose carefully and have a fantastic relaxing experience.

Photo by Ale Romo Photography on Unsplash

Are the sands disappearing from East Beach, Port Fairy?

In the ten or so years I have been enjoying East Beach in Port Fairy I have noticed the beach slowly disappearing.  At high tide now you can’t walk on the beach as the water comes all the way up to the rocks (put there to protect against corrosion).  Last summer I noticed visitors setting up early in the day on the beach not realising there would be no beach to occupy as the tide came in.  

In the last couple of weeks around 20cm of sand has washed away.  A large storm that caused a lot of damage to both Warrnambool and Port Fairy washed it away.  The ramps that offer entry to the beach for prams, bikes and disability vehicles now drop off 20 centimetres.  They haven’t been topped up or signs put up warning people.  Much of the fine sand has gone with the course being on top now.

At some time this will need to be addressed.  The golf course is at risk from corrosion and there are fears the 100 year old tip will be exposed to the beach.  In a recent article it was stated the tip had a road in front of it between it and the ocean.  It has now completely gone.

Moyne shire should be praised for the remedial work placing large boulders along the beach face to protect infrastructure but the state and federal governments are very quiet when it comes to beach repairs.

Sooner or later the sand will need replacing.  It won’t happen naturally as the breakwater has been stopping it for the last 80 years.  It needs to be trucked or pumped.  A beach town needs a beach and who wants a beach without sand.  Time for all three levels of government to support remedial works being eroded whether it be by climate change or not.

Binge is a real contender

To state it bluntly – I hate Foxtel.  I have used satellite, Foxtel’s various streaming services and they have all been of poor value and very disrespectful to me as a customer.  Before dumping Foxtel Now (I think that’s the name but they have changed it so many times who knows) I had been watching a couple of shows where Foxtel moved them from one package to another cutting my viewing off.

So when Telstra said I had 6 months of Binge for free I thought why not but suspected this would be another Presto.  Remember Presto charging heaps more because they offered “Premium Content” but in reality being underwhelming compared to the other streamers at a much cheaper price.  Oh and Presto charged extra for movies.  Anyway, offering less and charging more seemed to surprise Foxtel and they shut it down at a considerable loss.

So my expectations for Binge were very low.  I expected some good shows but with no recent episodes as they did on Presto and perhaps a few OK movies.  Boy, was I wrong.  Binge has many late release movies and a very impressive list of TV shows with the latest episodes.  In fact there was so much on offer 6 months later I am still finding plenty too watch.  I consider this streamer up there with Netflix and Prime TV.  It really is that good and is the first Foxtel product I can say is very good value.  In fact I would recommend it.

Two bugbears.  Closed caption is pathetic and is a disgrace for those with hearing problems and some movies had a bug where they would freeze up and return to the last scene or you would have to go back to the beginning.  But even with that this is a very good value streaming service with a lot to offer.  Let’s hope they keep up the good work.

Image by FrankundFrei from Pixabay