2021 Happy New Year!

Well. Well. I survived another year. And this one was considered one of the most difficult in modern history. Over the Christmas break I managed to gain 4 kgs completely wiping out a year’s worth of hard work although I have gained muscle from workouts. Stayed up and watched the Port Fairy fireworks from my home which was great to see but this year couldn’t see Warnambool’s display in the distant.
I suspect 2021 will be similar to 2020 as we are starting the year with state lockouts, infections in Victoria and a NSW Premier with her head deeply planted in the sand. Oh and the unemployed are being plunged back to poverty through no fault of their own while the rich get massive tax cuts. Most people are waiting for the 3rd wave to hit and toilet paper is already dwindling in some areas. Even if we get the vaccine life may not change for some time especially with idiots who don’t believe the virus even exists.
I personally am feeling very positive about the year ahead. I have been planning it for months and months and am now ready to implement my goals. Heading to the beach for a walk with my beloved, finishing off the terribly fattening delights we swore we wouldn’t buy over Christmas then more streaming of One Foot in the Grave on Britbox. How could the year possibly go wrong. Have a great one.

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