A free treat is always the best

Got up early in the morning and headed out for a walk. August is the coldest month in Victoria so you need to rug up. For me that is a bright thick coat, thick gloves and thick pants. On this occasion I had just finished a 25 minute and was approaching the driveway when I heard something moving through the grass. I thought it was a local cat but was delighted when a koala bound up the tree next to me.
It was a small tree so he was judging how much of a threat I was and whether to go higher or drop and run. Always respect wildlife. It is a great experience to see them but don’t get close and never attempt to touch them. I just stood there admiring him while he checked me out. I pulled out my phone while I spoke to him in a soothing voice and took a couple of shots (never use a flash). After I finished I thanked him and walked off giving him plenty of space so he felt safe then left him to get on with life.
Speaking of free treats if you are driving around Tower Hill keep an eye out for emus. You will see an emu or two if you drive into Tower Hill but they also spend a lot of time on the sides of the road. These magnificent birds are a fantastic treat and if you catch them when they have their young following it will really make your day.


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