Are supermarkets ripping us off for fuel?

I drove into Warrnambool last week from Port Fairy. If memory serves me right Port Fairy fuel was sitting at $1.12.9 but when I got to Warrnambool the independents were $1.12.9, while Woolworths were $1.18.9 and Coles Express a whopping $1.29.9.
Even with their 4 cent discounts it doesn’t take the price down to their competitors normal price. So why do the biggest fuel suppliers have the highest prices? No idea but greed comes to mind. Frequently I find the supermarket outlets are popping up the prices trying to see what they can get away with. They also seem to be the quickest to raise prices ahead of their competitors. Perhaps they think the discount will keeps us loyal and we are too stupid to checkout prices. They could be right as I watched people filling up at Shell with the station on the next corner 17 cents cheaper. Must be nice to have that much throw away income.
All it takes to keep the supermarket fuel outlets inline is for all of us to abandon them every time they put up the prices. If you see something cheaper go there. Support the outlets that are supporting you. We know the ACCC won’t protect us as the best they can do is “prices are up so try and wait till you fill up”. The only thing that will change the outlet culture is loss of profit and business. Talk with your feet and start walking. I did.