Every Tradie needs a Bluetooth Earmuff Headset

If you are using earplugs or an old set of earmuffs then you are well out of date. A good pair of earmuffs with bluetooth keeps you in the loop. I Have the Bullant ABA840 set and working hasn’t been better. Not only can I stream music from my phone but I can take calls at the tap of a button and the clarity is so good people don’t know I am not using the phone normally.
A good set of Bluetooth Earmuffs will connect to your phone for streaming music and answering calls as well as having an antenna to pick up both AM and FM radio. Better still you are not that tradie with blaring music that upsets both the owner and the neighbours.
You can pick up a pair for around a hundred dollars or less which is a great tax deductible asset. I have tried several types and settled on the Bullant brand although there are plenty of other good brands available. The worse pair I purchased were from Bunnings where no-one could hear me on calls and a part fell off. On returning them, the guy on the door stated he had tried two pairs and returned both as the both fell apart. Faulty run I suspect.
So basically I feel there is no better way to protect your hearing and keep in touch than a Bluetooth Earmuff Headset. Best thing I have bought in a long while.

Masks are back, really!

Walking around Warrnambool early this morning I was surprised to see around half the businesses with staff wearing masks. I was a little cofused as to why some businesses had instructed to wear masks while others did not. There was also a lot more people wearing masks in the street. I was not one of them.
On the way to Warrnambool I heard a guard at the quarentine centre in Melbourne had been infected and there would be a rollback of ristrictions – that was it. As it happens masks became compulsory again at 11.59 pm yesterday. No email, no push notice – no way of knowing. It’s no wonder so many people and businesses were using masks if the state government doesn’t send out a notice to do so.
It doesn’t help when businesses don’t inform you that a mask is needed. I walked into Rebel Sport at opening time where the only staff member was wearing a mask. Another two joined shortly all wearing masks. Two asked if I needed help. Neither mentioned I needed a mask. It only twigged as I was walking out when I heard them discussing compulsory masks.
I know many people won’t wear masks and get agressive but a simple reminder should not be that difficult. Either way the government could be a lot mor helpful if they sent out the changes before they happen.
An email arrived 24 hours later about wearing masks. 12 months on and emails take as long as regular mail. Need better and now.

What does a Chiropractor do?

A chiropractor is a highly qualified healthcare professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders treating through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. Chiropractic doctors have passed health studies very similar to a medical doctor.
The chiropractor will start with a routine physical exam, then follow it with an exam that focuses on the spine, with particular attention given to the areas of complaint.
The chiropractor will most likely examine your whole spine as nothing is unrelated. Perhaps you have a lower back complaint – the chiropractor would perform a neck exam as well because the adaptations resulting from injury or subluxation in one area can have an effect on other areas of the body..
Chiropractors frequently use X-rays of your spine prior to treatment. It is usually a lower radiation than the ones you get in hospital. The purpose of the X-ray is to study the condition of your spine and soft tissues. It also helps the chiropractor to see how much wear and any anomalies in your spine.
One of the main things chiropractors look for is spinal subluxation. This is where one or several spinal vertebrae are out of alignment with the rest. The chiropractor uses manual techniques to manipulate the vertebrae back into alignment. These techniques are called adjustments. As the patient you are put into a position that is best for the technique and then your neck or limbs may be positioned as well. The original techniques used high velocity thrusts but many chiropractors now use low velocity techniques which are more gentle on the patient.