Sorry Telstra Anti-Virus Plus Security never worked anyhow

Having been a Telstra broadband customer for many years the downloadable software named Anti-Virus Plus Security would have been very handy if it worked. I doubt it ever worked – certainly didn’t for me. I found it so bad I put in a complaint to the CEO of Telstra. Someone from the office arranged for Telstra’s expert to help me.
It took the tech guy over an hour remotely installing the software on my 5 android devices. Even he said it was a nightmare to use. Stupidly I assumed it would be good from then onwards. It wasn’t. Two years later I had a virus disrupt one of my devices. On checking I saw Telstra appeared to have never updated the version of the software. Even worse the software on the phone hadn’t downloaded updates in two years. If you check out the reviews in Google apps for years people have stated it doesn’t work.
So really it means Telstra are removing a product they offered to entice customers that was flawed if not completely ineffective. Something they should have done several years ago. Kind heartedly they have left the version that resides within your modem to protect while you are at home. How many devices do you have at home that you never take away from home. So finally we can forget about Telstra Anti-Virus Plus Security and purchase something that really helps protect our devices.

Personally I use Norton.

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How to reset your Google Nest Mini

Although both the Google and Nest Min speakers are very reliable there will be times when you will want to rest the speakers back to factory default. An example being when you get a new router or modem. I have found it better to reset than try to change them over. Another example would be if you wanted to give one of your Nest Mini speakers to someone else you should reset it first.
The older Google Mini have a different colour base (mine are orange) and do not have a keyhole for hanging them on a wall. For these you will find a small circle on the base next to where the power cord plugs in. Hold for around 20 seconds and the mini will give you a warning that you are about to rest – continue to hold until the reset occurs.
The newer Nest mini speakers don’t have a button underneath but do have a keyhole. To reset turn off the microphone switch on the side, then press down in the centre of the speaker on the top for around twenty seconds where the four lights come on. You will get a warning about reset then continue holding until complete.
Now you can go back into your Home app and add it back in.

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My Google Nest Mini speakers have gone mad

I am a great fan of the mini speakers both Google and Nest. I have two Google mini speakers and three Nest Mini speakers in my home. Oh and an Alexa speaker as well. When I first put in the speakers I was very impressed with how well they worked and integrated with shopping list, play music (now Youtube music) and more. It was like being on the Enterprise in Star Trek. Even the spelling of words was brilliant.
Then things started to go wrong. If we asked for a word to be spelt the mini struggled and sounded like it was recovering from a stroke. Then it wouldn’t recognize my voice even though I am the account holder and on voice match but would recognize my wife even though she isn’t listed or on voice match. Then I would ask one speaker and a different one would answer with the first speaker telling me something went wrong try again later. The final straw was the most used Nest Mini speaker wouldn’t play music unless you asked for it on another speaker.
I put up with it for some time as my Telstra router was defective and it took around six months and the TIO to get a new one. I reset all speakers and reinstalled the home app and redid the Voice Match. The speakers still didn’t know me or recognize my voice. I contacted Google by chat but that had to phone as the fault was too complicated. I can now be recognized most of the time but it still answers on a different speaker. This really threw the Google support with the fault being escalated to a team who will do an update to each unit through the internet. Will take up to two weeks before I know if it works.
For all the trouble I still think these devices are the best thing since sliced bread. Like a treasured pet I wouldn’t give them up for the world.

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