Cheap Portable Massage Tables can be great

For those beginning a career in Massage Therapy your massage table can be a very expensive outlay. My first portable massage table was expensive, heavy and was eventually replaced with an inexpensive light import. If you are purchasing your table through your college it will probably be far more expensive than it should be.
Although there are hundreds of people doing massage courses every year only a small percentage are successful in the profession. Massage therapy has a high attrition rate so if you can afford it you make like to buy the best but being cautious with an inexpensive table can be a good idea.
The main things you want in a portable massage table are height adjustment (if you think one height fits all forget it; even different techniques need different heights), a face crest (a hole in the table will suffice but clients tend to find a face crest more comfortable and quite often they are adjustable), and to be light weight (as someone who did mobile massage for quite a while, you can believe me that light is better).
Basically what I am saying is don’t go overboard with a table. Considering there are quite good tables for under $200 why spend more. When I need to next update my portable massage table it will be an inexpensive one. Just because the table is cheap doesn’t mean I have to be.

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