Coles revamps the customer experience by removing even more customer service

Let me start out by saying I think Coles vege, fruit and bakery leave Woolworths for dead. I don’t know what has gone wrong with Woolworths but the quality of fruit and vegetables and the taste of bakery goods has gone down dramatically. Where are the fresh food people? Where Woolworths shines over Coles is the customer experience. I feel they put effort into serving me where Coles just don’t give a toss.
For many years I lived in Daylesford. We had a Coles store that didn’t offer delivery yet Woolworths delivered from Ballarat over 30 minutes away. Now at Port Fairy I find the same thing. Woolworths van heading through twice a day but Coles has us on their no go list. Why does Coles have such a poor attitude to rural customers?
Back to in store. Shopping in Woolworths there is always at least one fast lane and one normal lane for shoppers but in Coles on my last two shops Coles offered “assisted checkout” which appears the assistance is only for every time it won’t scan or express checkout which means trying to unload a full trolley and put the bags back in at the same time. On a recent visit where customers were lined up trying to get out the lady at the counter stated she knew they needed to open more checkouts but they refused to put on more staff so there was no one to call.
So what is the revamp? My local Coles has removed the deli service. No longer do we have the inconvenience of being served by two gainfully employed human beings we can just choose off the shelf an approximation of what we came in for. As they try more and more to push us through Assisted Checkouts and remove any semblance of customer service I look further and further afield to better ways of shopping online.

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