Cunningham Pier, Geelong

Located just off the main street of Geelong is Cunningham Pier. Originally used for the transport of wool and goods it is now a tourist attraction with a fish and chip takeaway, restaurant and bar located at the end over the water. The pier is quite long and offers parking the full length up to the dining facilities.
Cunningham pier is opposite Deakin University in the old wool sheds and is the dividing point between the Western Beach and the Geelong Waterfront. The pier went through what I would call a tacky stage when it first opened offering a buffet style, all you can eat with singing puppetry and other gimmicks. Thankfully that died and the pier is now a trendy upmarket venue.
The pier has been a popular fishing spot for decades and still has people seated along its edges catching fish like leather jackets and whiting. If if you don’t want to dine on the pier it is worth the walk out to enjoy the views of the bay and look back at the city. The walkway on the right hand side has cover so you are protected from the wind and rain. 


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