Daylesford has a lake, really?

Naive, stupid, both? Maybe, but I didn’t know Daylesford had a lake. I didn’t even know it was a main attraction for Victoria. I had driven through a couple of times on the way to a vacation destination but was not drawn to stop. It was until I was involved with a workshop being run in the town that someone mentioned Lake Daylesford.

We had both arrived early for the workshop and I was invited for a coffee at the lake. What lake I asked? The one you drive over she replied. In my defence you do not actually drive over the lake. It is actually off to the left down a road and can’t really be seen from the road but I did feel rather naive. Especially since I had driven past it at least four times and not even noticed. Worse still there are actually two lakes that I didn’t know about in Daylesford.

Arriving at the lake I was astounded that the town had such a beautiful lake with a restaurant that extended out over the water (unfortunately it burnt down but there are plans for its resurrection). It was magic sitting on the deck sipping on coffee and relaxing before the course commenced. Truth be told I never completed the course but it led me to discovering the wonders of Daylesford where I eventually bought a property and stayed there for a very enjoyable period of my life.

So now I know there is a lake (two actually), you know there is a lake and if you can – tell your friends. Something not to be missed even if you are just driving through.

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