Daylesford in Victoria

I have been visiting Daylesford and Hepburn Springs for over two decades and have seen it change from a laid back alternative town to a trendy, thriving popular destination. There is still a little of the alternative lifestyle but it has been engulfed by popular spas, cafes, and shopping aimed at the Melbourne market.
Daylesford and Hepburn Springs connect seamlessly (although they would never admit it) with Daylesford having the main attractions including the lakes, shopping and dining while Hepburn Springs has the main spa centres. Both should be included on your visit.
Daylesford is so popular with Melburnians it is like an outer trendy suburb – especially being a little over an hours drive.. For those wanting to get out of the city but retain the dining and shopping they are used to Daylesford offers an unparalleled rural destination.
When you are visiting you should not you will be in the Central Highlands with Spa Country smack in the middle. You are now walking over 70% of Victoria’s mineral water so try some from a pump while you are there.
It is a beautiful location offering undulating hills with a background of the Wombat Park natural forest and has two Lakes, the Daylesford Lake and Lake Jubilee with both offering picnic facilities and paddleboats or canoes if you like being on the water. Due to the depth and cold waters they are unsuitable for swimming although many people do.
Attractions include the Convent Gallery, Lavandula and the Wombat Hill Park. Daylesford offers luxurious dining with views of the lake, specialty shops galore and accommodation from budget to luxury. It is a suitable destination all year round and a great spot for day tripping.

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