Does it really take that much to say hello?

Apparently it does. I walk on the beach nearly every morning like so many others taking in the fresh air, smell of the ocean and sand through the toes. I walk alone like many others while many walk with a friend, partner, group or their beloved dogs. It is a great place to be.
The reaction of one person to another gives a lot away on people’s personalities. Friendly, outgoing, introverted, unpleasant, aloof, etc, etc. I watched a comedian the other night who commented if someone looks at you as you are passing by you say “how are you” as it is a common human decency. I have been caught out saying “how are you” (as was the comedian) so I try to stick to hello or good morning.
Too many people do not understand this common human curtesy. They look at you and after you say hello scowl or ignore you completely. It is incredibly rude and unnecessary. Is life really that bad. Do I look like I am going to jam on my brakes and start a long conversation with you? Do I look like a serial killer? You have seen me every day for months and you have never been accosted.
If you don’t want a pleasantry from me then don’t look my way! I am not a free perusal. I come at a cost. It’s inexpensive and its free. I call it politeness. Why don’t we all give it a try.

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