Does no-one care about stray cats?

If you think this is about stray cats spraying your roses then move on.  I love cats, both my own (and I have had many over the years) and other peoples.  This is about bad owners, people who underfeed, do not feed or dump their pet.  On moving to my current rural property I decided no more feeding strays.  So when a big fluffy ginger turned up on my property I chased him off several times.  It didn’t work. A desperate hungry cat will keep coming back especially when it sees my fat, contented cat through the window.

This cat could climb anything and get in anywhere but was polite enough to try not to rush in the house.  I named him Ninja and have been feeding him for over a year.  I know who his owner is and that she likes pubs and pokies.  She also works away a lot so Ninja gets hungry.  My security camera catches him visiting my property several times a night.  His owner is being evicted for unpaid rent so I hope Ninja has a caring neighbour where he goes next.

Several months ago a scrawny, tabby turned up with Ninja.  He was emaciated and screamed for food.  This one would not leave the property.  I called him Scribble.  I fed him for a week then caught him and had council pick him up.  They said he had a very good chance of a home but he was an angry cat who savaged my wrist while I fed him and the guilt weighed on me that I had cost his life.

The guilt lifted a month later when Scribble returned.  Not emaciated but very hungry and refused to leave again.  Council were unhelpful not able to find out what they did with him last time.  As Scribble was injured I took him to the Vet (after another 5 days of feeding).  The Vet checked him over and treated him for free and gave me his chip number.  I rang council again ad he was picked up.  Matter closed.

Until one month later when Scribble returned hungry and demanding food again.  Council were unhelpful stating he would be returned to the owner again.  Contacted my Councillor but still my call has not been returned.  Contacted RSPCA who stated they would ring me back soon and had arranged a ranger to pick him up.  This was untrue and they won’t be.  

So I finally spoke to the original Ranger who picked him up.  He was adopted and was supposed to be desexed but hasn’t been.  They are obviously not locking him up at night and not feeding him enough.  So council are picking him up again and the circus goes on.  I am hoping they find a new home far away and the cat gets loving caring owners.

Roaming cats are a serious problem.  Please don’t blame the cat but blame the owner.  Not everyone deserves a pet.  If this is how council and RSPCA handle the problem I can’t ever see it getting under control.

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