East Beach, Port Fairy needs regular seaweed clean ups

Seaweed is part of visiting the beach but it shouldn’t reach the stage of stinking or making a beach walk troublesome. There has been a lot of seaweed build up in recent years which I don’t feel has been addressed by council. Now I don’t expect the levels of cleanup used on the Gold Coast (where every morning I would watch a tractor drag a spinning sieve that cleaned the beach of rubbish and syringes) but surely twice a week they could remove seaweed. You can even sell it as fertilizer.
Maybe even get a private contractor to do it for free to keep the seaweed. I used to know someone who picked up seaweed, broke it down and sold liquid fertilizer for quite a good living.
Let’s be honest. East Beach is what draws people to Port Fairy, so why have a beach that is hard to walk along and stinks. It’s not all the time, in fact it is not even that regular but definitely too often for my liking. As the beach is disappearing with Climate Change lets make what we have left as good as it possibly can be.

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