Eastern Beach, Geelong

Eastern Beach is located on the shore of Corio Bay almost at the foot of the city. Over a hundred years old it was renovated at the end of the last century and brought back to its former glory that it so richly deserved. The main pool is a very large shark proof enclosure with two levels of decking surrounding its length with a dock at the deepest end where you can book a sailboat adventure during the better seasons.
This is Geelong’s top beach destination. Art Deco with impressive buildings and sculptures with large palm trees, Eastern Beach is easy to find as it is at the end of Eastern Beach Road along the foreshore. It offers a huge shark proof enclosure (I have only heard of one shark sighting in Geelong but better to be safe than sorry) with diving boards, swimming channels and slides in the centre. On the shore is a large fenced concrete children’s pool with clear glass safety fencing.
The surrounding park has several barbeques, plenty of seating, a playground, shade covers and loads of grassy areas for picnicking. If you don’t want to take your lunch there is an upmarket restaurant upstairs in the pavilion with views of the pool. If you not very cashed up try the dining downstairs which is more casual and quite reasonably priced. As with any good pool there is a kiosk with ice creams and drinks.
To the left of the pool is a long sandy beach that leads back to the Geelong Waterfront. This is a good spot to check out the Bollards or hire a paddle boat. I spent a lot of time swimming here during my youth and still have fond memories of swimming here. For many years it was run down so it is pleasurable to see it back to a very good swimming destination. I recommend giving it a try.



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