Every Tradie needs a Bluetooth Earmuff Headset

If you are using earplugs or an old set of earmuffs then you are well out of date. A good pair of earmuffs with bluetooth keeps you in the loop. I Have the Bullant ABA840 set and working hasn’t been better. Not only can I stream music from my phone but I can take calls at the tap of a button and the clarity is so good people don’t know I am not using the phone normally.
A good set of Bluetooth Earmuffs will connect to your phone for streaming music and answering calls as well as having an antenna to pick up both AM and FM radio. Better still you are not that tradie with blaring music that upsets both the owner and the neighbours.
You can pick up a pair for around a hundred dollars or less which is a great tax deductible asset. I have tried several types and settled on the Bullant brand although there are plenty of other good brands available. The worse pair I purchased were from Bunnings where no-one could hear me on calls and a part fell off. On returning them, the guy on the door stated he had tried two pairs and returned both as the both fell apart. Faulty run I suspect.
So basically I feel there is no better way to protect your hearing and keep in touch than a Bluetooth Earmuff Headset. Best thing I have bought in a long while.

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