Geelong Botanic Gardens

The Geelong Botanic Gardens are situated in Eastern Park just around the corner from Eastern Beach. These magnificent gardens are not to be missed and are one of the best gardens I have ever visited.  Being over 150 years old, the Botanic Gardens give the opportunity to experience the foresight of Geelong’s founders as well as enjoying the addition in 2002 of a new section at the entrance with a 21st century style.

In the 1850’s an ambitious plan to set up over 80 hectares of botanical gardens was undertaken but not completed. Realising their plans didn’t fit in with the harsh climate it was decided to limit the area to around 2 hectares and eventually just under 4 as it is now.

I enjoy visiting botanic gardens in any town. They are an opportunity to see plants and trees not being grown by the general public. They are also a place of peace and beauty that anyone can escape to, from a busy city or town and they’re nearly always free.

The Geelong Botanic Gardens are colorful lush gardens and hothouses that are well worth a couple of hours on your next visit. Huge shade and palm trees adorn gardens filled with flowers and bushes from around the world. It’s not just the plants though. The statues and fountains throughout the gardens are a pleasure and the walking tracks are designed to break up the views so it’s like walking through several gardens.

The new section added in 2002 takes advantage of drier climate plants and has what I regard as a futuristic look.  I prefer the older section but enjoy walking through the new section as well.  Check it out and form your own opinion – in 150 years it will just be another heritage section of the Geelong Botanic Gardens.

There is a picnic area with lush lawns and a small cafe – no cappuccinos unfortunately but the tea was nice. The Geelong Botanic Gardens are open 7 days a week.


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