Geelong Waterfront

Located directly below Geelong’s CBD is the Geelong Waterfront.  This is the prime location of the city with great dining, entertainment and accommodation overlooking Corio Bay.  Geelong Waterfront stretches between Cunningham Pier and Eastern Beach and has been designed brilliantly to give you a very good time.

Whether coming from the city or along Western beach you are greeted by an array of metal sculptures representing sailing boats out on Corio Bay (not shark fins as someone suggested to me recently).  There is a spacious lawn between the road and the water as well as a timber and metal walkway that protrudes out into the water.  If you are adventurous you can take a seaplane or helicopter ride out over the bay with views of the city.

A feature of the Geelong Waterfront is the Carousel.  Inside a purpose built glass structure is a e Armitage-Herschell steam driven, hand-carved wooden carousel from 1892.  It has 36 Dare horses and 2 chariots and is available to be ridden on throughout the day.  Inside the building is the Visitor Information Booth and toilets for those in need.

The other reason for visiting the Geelong Waterfront is the dining.  There are restaurants on the water, over the water and across from the water.  It includes Thai, French, Australian Contemporary, and pancakes.  You can also park on Cunningham Pier and dine in one of the restaurants at the end of the pier.  I nearly always visit the Waterfront when in Geelong and recommend you try it as well.

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