Hopkins River Mouth at Warrnambool

The Hopkins River Mouth is more than just where the flow returns to the sea. The river mouth is a very popular spot for swimming and access to Logans Beach.  On a sunny, warm day you will see many people splashing around or walking along the beach (not that I am recommending swimming here).  Its worth the drive just to look at the rocky outcrops standing on the shore.

The river mouth is located between two beaches with Point Richie on the right and Logans Beach to the left.  Both beaches are not for the inexperienced so stick to the sand.  I have walked along the river from the bridge to the mouth and its very enjoyable but quite a walk but well worth the effort when you get to the beach and experience the crashing waves.  A word of caution – when the river rises the sandy beach on both sides can flood so keep an eye out.

There are two ways to get to the Hopkins River Mouth with Ritchie Point being the main one.  Drive along Hickford Parade until it turns right and leads to the Hopkins River Lookout.  From here you can walk down to the river mouth (and it is your last chance to use a toilet).  The other way is to cross the bridge on Marfell Road and turn right into Bluehole Road and park there.  It is quite a walk to the river mouth and if the river is full the beach disappears.


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