I wouldn’t buy a Telstra TV right now

I have been a fan of the Telstra TV from when it first came onto the market. In fact I had a Telstra Box before that which was great if your internet was terrible and pre NBN it mostly was. The Telstra TV has a lot going for it with a good selection of apps suited to the Australian market, it is easy to use, set up and relatively small. You can even run your antenna to it and watch free to air (although why when you can stream when you want).
The reason not to buy. Telstra appears to be offering no help or service for the unit. After you fork out a bit over $200 or pay it off in a plan they don’t want to know you. I have had all 3 models but the Mark 3 will be my last. It started losing internet, freezing and needing the power disconnected to get it going again. Online help was useless so I phoned and got the message they were not giving help for the Telstra TV at this time. My unit became throw away. It is sitting in my cupboard on the off chance Telstra will bring service back but reading an article on the ACCC it appears they are doing little to rectify their problems.
To be fair it is only the Telstra TV. Other than sales I don’t think Telstra offers service support at all. My modem is defective. The MyTelstra app says to phone and after entering all of your details it tells you to return to the app and message Telstra which I did. No reply in weeks. Reported it to the TIO and two weeks later Telstra still haven’t contacted me. In one week the TIO steps in on the complaint.
At this stage I cannot see me renewing my contract with Telstra. But I do know there are a lot of products to choose rather than a Telstra TV that will answer the phone and rectify your problems. At this time Telstra is not one of them.

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