Is Britbox worth a spin?

It hasn’t been in Australia for that long so I expect most people have not given Britbox a try. What is Britbox? It is a streaming service that combines shows from Britain’s ITV and BBC television services. I tried the free week and then paid for a month but by the end of the month I lost interest in what they had to offer.
The problem was very few new shows. If you want to catch up on old favorites or finish a series you never got to complete it may be for you but it lacked current seasons for many shows. If you are paying to watch the BBC you would expect to see current seasons as they are released but everything was one, two or more seasons behind. At the time the only top new release that I couldn’t watch was All Creatures Great and Small which was worth a month’s subscription on its own but after that the service fell flat for me.
So should you give it a try? Definitely. I am sure as they prioritise the service more and stop selling their shows to rival streamers they will become a must use streaming service. Also hopefully they will open up their archives and release a lot more shows from the past that were missing. For now, try a free week, pay for a month or two and move on.
If you want to catch really good british shows for now head over to Binge.

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