It’s nice to see a lot more surfers at Port Fairy

Having grown up in areas where Torquay was the closest surf beach I have been surprised how few surfers I see at East Beach in Port Fairy.  I don’t remember ever going to Torquay and not seeing surfers trying to catch a break but frequently at East Beach even with good surf the beach can be empty.

It could be the tyranny of distance as Torquay is close to Geelong and not that far from Melbourne with much bigger populations.  It’s true that Port Fairy is close to Warrnambool but they have great surf as well so why drive another 30 minutes. Asking about it appears it is just much too cold.  Facing out to the open ocean the temperatures plummet during the cooler months and put people off.

I have been swimming without a wetsuit for about 6 weeks and although it is bloody cold it is still worth the discomfit.  So maybe the waters are warming and have become more inviting. Either way it is nice to see more people enjoying the beach.

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