It’s summer but is the water warm enough?

Let’s be honest the start of summer 2019 along the Great Ocean Road is nothing to write home about.  Cloudy, wet, cold and uninviting. But still? Can you swim? Of course! But only for the brave. I have been swimming on the warmer days since later October.  OK at the start it was more like dive under, come back up and scream from the cold, stupidly dive under then do the same thing again. Looking around I was the only one silly enough to break the surface or go past knee depth.

But now it’s December and we are full swing into summer so the water is warmer, not a lot, but definitely warmer.  I live around Port Fairy where the water is open ocean and known for it’s cold temperatures. If I can do it so can you.  I don’t wear my wetsuit – more because I am too lazy to put it on – and a week ago the water was so nice I didn’t want to come out.  But then I was the only one in the water so I could be quite mad.

If you really want a swim and can handle the cold water there is nothing more refreshing and revitalising than surf in the cooler months.  If not most towns have an indoor pool. Port Fairy does but it won’t be the same. Either way water temperatures should start to rise now.

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