Lady Bay Foreshore, Warrnambool

The Lady Bay Foreshore is located next to the Breakwater.  It offers protected waters for vessels where you can sit and watch the moored boats and see the arrival of other boats being backed into the water down the boat ramp.  Although there is seating along the foreshore the best viewing is on the balcony of the Pavillion cafe while holding a glass of wine or steaming cappuccino.  

The beach sweeps around away from the breakwater giving a large open bay.  The beach is firm sand and fine for walking along but most people use the walking track that takes you through the sand dunes.  For some reason you don’t see people swimming in this area as you do further away from the breakwater.  

One of the best things about this area is watching the horses being trained.  Lady Bay is one of the few beaches that allows horses to be trained on.  You can watch them being ridden at a very fast pace along the beach as well as being ridden in the water.  My favourite part is watching the horses being towed behind a rowboat getting them to swim in the deeper water.

The best place to watch the horses being exercised is in the Pavillion Cafe where it is comfortable, warm and a delicious breakfast and steaming coffee is placed before you.  There is no better way to maximize the experience.

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