When I was a boy @ Rippleside, Geelong

When I was young Rippleside was a very popular beach for swimming and fishing. It was close to both North and West Geelong as well as Corio and Norlane. Rippleside is a small flat beach with a small jetty extending into the bay. It slopes slowly and has always been a safe swimming destination for Geelong.
I learned to swim at Rippleside Beach. Every Saturday morning parents would drop kids off at the beach and send us into the water under the eagle eyes of the instructors. I remember learning to do a torpedo which is face down in the water with arms outstretched in front while kicking frantically for propulsion. As long as you could hold your breath you knew you could swim. I still don’t remember learning anything but that technique. I do remember always having a thong floating close by to defend yourself from the red jellyfish that appeared in great numbers. I know of no-one who ever got stung, but better be safe than sorry.
If you liked fishing the Rippleside pier was a good place to throw in a line and was good for catching whiting. My brother and I found that the best bait to use was the bait that everyone else was using. No matter which bait we used the fish always seemed to prefer something different. One day out of desperation when no-one was around I stripped off naked, dove in and grabbed some muscles. The port authority turned up saying there was a complaint about nude bathing. Seriously they would have needed a telescope to see me from above the hill. Anyway they let me off and once again I left empty handed.


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