Ocean Road could be a lot Greater

As it was a beautiful winter’s day I thought I would take a trip from Warrnambool to Apollo Bay to blow away a few cobwebs. It is around a two hour drive and there are some truly amazing sights along the way. Let’s be honest this is one of Victoria’s if not Australia’s best tourist attractions. In fact when you arrive at Apollo Bay you will understand how much of their economy relies on international tourism.
Then why, oh why is so little being spent`on this fantastic tourism asset. In a 2014 report on the http://www.tourism.vic.gov.au/research/economic-significance.html it states tourism brings in 1.9 Billion to the Great Ocean Road economy so why is so little spent upgrading it and maintaining it. Between Apollo Bay and Port Cambell the road is poorly maintained with some dips so deep I was worried the car would bottom out.
Then there are far too few toilets for the distances involved. Not everyone is in a luxury bus with a toilet at the back. So lets add a few stops along the way.
Don’t get me wrong I would still recommend the Great Ocean Road to any visitor but with a warning to not drive a close to the ground car (sports car enthusiasts beware) and don’t have to much coffee between stops.


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