Once in a decade South West flooding

Living on the outskirts of Port Fairy in a rural setting October is the month I see flooded paddocks nearly every year. In fact I took possession of my property in October and was worried I had made a mistake because the property to the side of me and to the back had filled with water it was now entering past my fence. I didn’t flood but another metre would have led to disaster. Wet springs are the norm here but I have noticed this year the rains are quick and fast. Flooding bursts.
Just over a decade ago I was investigating if the South West of Victoria was the right place for my next move. I had driven to Hamilton and stayed the night when the flooding hit. Major roads including the Highway were cut off and I had a lot of trouble getting back. Its quite scary navigating flood waters and near impossible not to drive through some. Not having a 4 wheel drive I was very happy that my car was large and heavy while driving through. A lighter car had not been so lucky.
Although they are calling this a once in a decade flood there was severe flooding there was severe flooding only 4 years ago that did not impact Port Fairy itself. The climate is changing with reports showing flooding rains will become the normal. Port Fairy is low lying and more at risk of flooding. Once again the community rose to the occasion with sandbagging and help for those impacted. Just like fire, flooding is a rural risk that anyone living in this magnificent region has learnt to live with.

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