McGennans Beach, Warrnambool

I consider this the best beach in Warrnambool.  McGennans Beach is part of Main Beach Warrnambool that extends from the lifesaving tower back towards the city. This a Great Ocean Road family friendly beach (stick to swimming between the flags though guys). Access is from Pertobe Road with plenty of sealed parking overlooking the beach but if full park in Pertobe Road and walk up to the beach.  I did a lot of research on the name but alI could find is the beach is named after Peter John McGennan a councillor near the end of the nineteenth century.

McGennans beach is my favourite beach in Warrnambool. Long sandy beaches that rise into a dune up towards the carpark with several breaks giving access down steps (and one with disabled towards the end).  A great beach for a swim or a surf with adequate parking even at the peak of the season. It is classed as strong currents, large surf and a steep drop off so it is wise to swim between the flags at the surf life saving club but as a bodyboarder I have never had any problems here.

Every fine day you can watch groups of body boarders and board riders catching the waves into shore. From kids to people in their eighties, this beach is very popular nearly all year around.  Also there is less chance of being hit by a surfboard here as the serious surfers tend to prefer the larger waves at Surfside.

Once again there is a walking track in between the carpark and the beach so you can take a very long stroll in either direction.  There are showers along the walking track but if you are in need of a toilet (and don’t want to use the ocean) you will need to walk down to the toilet in Pertobe Road (less than a 5 minute walk)

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Main Beach, Warrnambool

This beach covers both the McGennans and Sufside beaches and needless to say is the Main Beach in Warrnambool.  Plenty of parking with a long strip of sand to spread out the picnic or lie on your towels and make frequent dips into the crashing waves along the beach.  I love this beach and find it to be one of the best I have ever been to.

If you are a surfer you will probably want to go to the left of the Surf Life Saving tower and if you are a swimmer go to the right.  The safest place is in front of the tower where the flags are but McGennans is known to be a milder beach for currents and waves so that’s where I stick to.

There is a lot of parking here on the road that leads to the Surf Life Saving Club or turn left just past it off Pertobe Road and there is a long stretch of carparks which I have never seen full even on the warmest day.  There are public toilets at the Clubhouse or if you are further along walk down to the toilet block near where you turned in.  At regular intervals there are outdoor showers if you don’t want to take the smell of the ocean back home with you.
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Logan’s Beach, Warrnambool

Whale watching! Whale watching! Whale watching!  Getting the picture?  This is the best place to watch the Southern Right Whales return to Logan’s Beach to give birth and raise their calves.  It usually happens between late May and early October and attracts visitor viewing from around the world.

Don’t think you should only go here during whale watching season as the views are spectacular at any time of year.  My last visit was in early March and although I didn’t see a whale (or a dolphin, shark or seal for that matter) it was well worth the trip.  The viewing platform is high above the beach has easy access with several levels so the person with the high hat won’t block your view.  

You can get down to the beach but make sure you are feeling fit as it is a steep climb back up.  There is disabled access to the platform and plenty of parking but no toilets so please make sure you go first!  On my last visit a group of young surfers were getting ready to go surfing.  Wouldn’t recommend swimming and check it out thoroughly before surfing.  Prefer a brave soul to a lost one.

To get there cross the bridge on Marfell Road (yes you need to find where this road is) and turn right just after you leave the bridge.  This is Bluehole Road.  On your left you will see Logans Beach Road and I am sure you can guess where that goes.  Its easy to get to and a magnificent viewing platform so don’t miss out.

To see if there are any whales try the Facebook page here.


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