Cunningham Pier, Geelong

Located just off the main street of Geelong is Cunningham Pier. Originally used for the transport of wool and goods it is now a tourist attraction with a fish and chip takeaway, restaurant and bar located at the end over the water. The pier is quite long and offers parking the full length up to the dining facilities.
Cunningham pier is opposite Deakin University in the old wool sheds and is the dividing point between the Western Beach and the Geelong Waterfront. The pier went through what I would call a tacky stage when it first opened offering a buffet style, all you can eat with singing puppetry and other gimmicks. Thankfully that died and the pier is now a trendy upmarket venue.
The pier has been a popular fishing spot for decades and still has people seated along its edges catching fish like leather jackets and whiting. If if you don’t want to dine on the pier it is worth the walk out to enjoy the views of the bay and look back at the city. The walkway on the right hand side has cover so you are protected from the wind and rain. 


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Thunder Point, Warrnambool

Thunder Point is a viewing beach so you can forget about going for a swim.  The carpark is high above the water (in fact around 30 metres above) with spectacular views of the ocean towards Warrnambool and towards Port Fairy.  When you see and hear the waves crashing into the craggy cliffs you can get a feeling of why the name came about.

There is ample parking on both sides so you can park the car and just view out to the ocean or sit looking back towards Main Beach with Lady Bay Resort towering above which is my favorite view.  Park on the other side of the carpark and watch the waves crashing into the rocky cliffs rising high above the ocean.  The best viewing is from the viewing platform at the centre of the carpark that faces out to the ocean but allows magnificent views in both directions.

It is easy to imagine why so many vessels came to their end with the waves smashing into the rocks that appear briefly as the water rises and recedes.  You can see the rocks go out quite a distance from the shore and are just below the surface.

My favorite is getting a takeaway meal and watching the waves at lunch or just before sunset.  The magnificent hiking track passes along these cliffs as well so if you are energetic go for a stroll.  There are no toilets here so make sure you go before you come as it is some distance to find one.  
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The Fresh Market Warrnambool

If you are in the area and like markets then consider a drive down Pertobe Rd to The Fresh Market Warrnambool just over the road from the beach.  The Lake Pertobe Park is one of my favorite areas and to have a fresh market here makes for a fantastic outing.

I arrived near the end of the market (it was a Sunday you know) but only one stand had closed and another sold out so I don’t consider I missed out. The most popular stand appeared to be in the centre which was for Brightbird coffee.  If you have been to their cafe you can understand why although I suspect there was a few tired stallholders getting coffee as well.

Fresh air markets are always a lot of fun and the Fresh Market Warrnambool was no exception with plenty on offer including organic vegetables, baked goods, takeaway foods, health foods and sweets.  It can be very difficult to get this range of products so it is very helpful to know it is on every fortnight.

Parking was easy although very busy so during the peak you may need to take a stroll but then I can’t think of a better place for a walk.  There is often other events on at the same time (I ended up at the car expo first by mistake) and the lake and adventure park should not be missed.  

Whether a local or visitor I recommend putting it on your to do list.  On the first and third Sunday of the month.  Use their Facebook link to find out more.

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Phone: 0406 480 746

Address: 33-45 Pertobe Road, Warrnambool, Victoria

Sunday: Open every second Sunday 9am to 2 pm

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