Pea Soup Beach, Port Fairy

This is the furthest beach around from Port Fairy if you are heading in the Portland direction. Really a part of South Beach but cut off by an outcrop that extends to the water’s edge. I really like this beach and have swum there on several occasions. Due to a high rock formation that creates a reef around 50 metres from the beach the water is usually calm and clear even with large waves breaking beyond the rocks.
Pea Soup has a large carpark that I have never seen full and a long walkway that should be suitable for disabled access. If you don’t want to walk on the beach you can walk to the end of the outcrop where a lookout has been constructed although the seating only accommodates two or three people.
If you make the effort to go down to the beach it is a remarkable view with a wide sandy beach with large rocks protecting the cliff edge (great place for your towels) and crystal clear water dotted with basalt rocks and a large rock reef that protrudes from the water.
I found the swimming very enjoyable with shallow entry and clear water. If you are into fishing it appears popular and a great spot to try off the rocks. Pea Soup is well worth the drive and you will enjoy the experience.

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