Point Richie, Warrnambool

This is the beach that goes to the right of the Hopkins River Mouth (unless your viewing towards the beach which would be a silly place to be).  The beach has high cliffs rising above with a deep sandy beach.  Very strong currents with large waves and I have yet spotted anyone taking a swim or surf on this beach.  The tides can be quite high here so I don’t know if the beach gets totally covered at some high tides so if you like a beach walk check first.

The main reason people go to Point Richie Beach is for the lookout and carpark on the top of the cliff.  There are two carparks with the first one back further from the beach giving spectacular views over the Hopkins River Mouth and the second overlooking the cliff edge out to sea.  It is well worth getting out of the car and walking out on the lookout to see the craggy rocks and rock face that rise up from the beach.  My first visit to Point Richie a spotted a seal looking up at me.  We locked eyes until I rushed back to the car to get my wife and he went back to fishing.  We watched him for some time before he left.

To get to Point Richie drive along Hickford Parade until it turns right and leads to the Hopkins River Lookout.  You can just turn right before you cross the bridge as well.  Good news there are toilets in the car park albeit a little spartan.  Access to the beach is down a set of wooden steps to the right of the car park.  If able I recommend descending to the beach as the waves crashing into the beach are spectacular both visually and to listen to.  

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