Sea lion or Seaweed?

Sitting at the back beach at Port Fairy my wife and I were watching the surfers catching the big breaks out from the rocks. If you are interested keep driving past the river and you will see the carpark on your left. It is usually crowded if there is surf but you can grab a spot even if you have to sit for a couple of minutes.
On a recent trip we became very excited at watching a sea lion popping his head up every now and then while he was looking for fish around the rocks. They can stay down for some time and move quite a distance while down there so you need to keep an eye out to see where they come up.
We had been watching this one for about 15 minutes as he moved around the rocks as the waves came crashing in. With the continual splash of the waves and the sea mist it can be quite an effort to keep up with where they have gone. In between the break in the waves it became easier to see what was going on and the picture became very clear. The sea lion we had been watching was just several clumps of seaweed being moved by the incoming tide.
Sometimes it is best to put things like this to paper and not mention it to friends. Might be time to see an Optometrist though.

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