Should I drink tea ?

I have bounced from being a coffee drinker to a tea drinker and back again for most of my life. Sure you can drink both but usually you gravitate towards one or the other. So if you aren’t a tea drinker or are debating whether to continue drinking tea here are a few details to help with your decision.

Part of the Camellia family (but that does”t mean to start infusing your garden plants), tea is an aromatic beverage made by pouring hot water over the cured leaves or in modern times dipping a tea bag into the cup. You can watch the flavor drawn out of the leaves and coloring the water. The darker the color, the stronger the taste. There are many types of tea but that will be handled in another article.

Why drink tea? Well the first reason is that it contains caffeine so it is a mild stimulant for people. It is a lower dose of caffeine than coffee so there is less chance of getting the jitters. Tea has a great taste, is warming and a very low calorie count. Goes great with a biscuit or toast and is quick and easy to make. It is also very high in water content so helps keep you hydrated.

If you were looking for an article on health benefits of tea you are going to be sorely disappointed. Like everything there are arguments for and against with the truth being water is the best healthy drink. Like coffee most of us drink for pleasure. If you are getting to much caffeine from coffee it is my opinion that tea would make a great alternative or be like me and drink both (but not at once).


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