Snakes on a plane – no its the beach

Living in the country I have encountered snakes on several occasions over the years. The first thing you are told is don’t worry as the snake is more scared of you than you are of it. In my case definitely not. Lucky for them that they have no ears as my high pitch screaming could do them serious damage. My running in the opposite direction could put the Flash to shame.
So when I see snakes on the beach signs I take it very serious. The sign pictured is out the front of the surf life saving club in Port Fairy. It wasn’t there when I had breakfast at Charlie’s but when I went back for a walk on the beach in the evening it quickly caught my attention. Most people wouldn’t realise that snakes are a common occurrence around beaches. Recently my neighbour encountered a snake in the toilet block near Pea Soup (flushing the urinal must be difficult for them) and if you take beach walks at Warrnambool there are regular signs pointing out to beware of snakes.
The snakes are always around and encounters are few and far between but a welcome reminder keeps it in the mind to beware of your surroundings. Although seeing a snake is scary it is quite thrilling to see one in the wild or near the beach as long as you are not too close. So next time you see a snake or two wearing beach towels while dragging a body board behind stay back, get a shot and report it if you think people are at risk.
Stay safe and enjoy the beach.

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