So you are thinking of visiting Creswick

Don’t be fooled into thinking Creswick is just a petrol stopover between towns (although it usually has the cheapest fuel around).  It’s lake is comparable to Daylesford’s although hard to find. The dining is exceptional (you must try the authentic French pastries and the surrounding countryside magnificent.

The historic township of Creswick is located on the Midland Highway around 15 minutes from Ballarat and less than half an hour from Daylesford. Offering architecture dating back to the goldfields Creswick is a splendour of cafes and speciality shops surrounded by natural and pine plantation forests.
With a swimming pool, spring fed lake, golf course and bush walking trails in every direction, it’s a great place to take the kids or to get away on your own.

If staying in Ballarat or Daylesford this is a worthy destination to get away from the large crowds, sit down with a quiet coffee and just enjoy the moment. Offering wedding services, a caravan park, cafes and a pub and select shopping with great country hospitality.


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