So you are thinking of visiting Daylesford

The first thing you notice on the approach to Daylesford is the tall eucalyptus trees lined on both sides of the road. I have nearly always approached from the midland Highway (Ballarat – Melbourne Rd) so it has become my favorite but whichever way you come from there are winding roads with tall trees.   Daylesford has a feeling of abundance. Even during the worst drought the lakes are full and the region has a green look to it.

Let’s be honest, if you don’t like Daylesford you’re just too hard to please.  With two lakes, an abundance of dining and spa services, mineral water and stunning natural scenery you will go back again and again.

Both lakes can be strolled around and you can hire boats for a paddle around the water,  Reputedly there are more therapists per capita than anywhere else in Australia so have a soak and enjoy a rub while you are here,  Best of all the food is spectacular. For me you can’t beat dining over the lake so give it a try.



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