So you are thinking of visiting Hepburn Springs

Hepburn Springs is the sister-town to Daylesford. It is renowned for its health giving mineral water, massage and spa therapies and lavender farm. Before spas became a dime a dozen there was Hepburn Springs and its famed Hepburn Spa Centre. The Bathhouse was originally opened in 1895 with only 2 baths offering the health giving benefits of the natural mineral water from the region. On a weekend you can still see cars loaded with plastic containers filling up from the pumps and heading back to Melbourne.

Many European countries have been using mineral water for centuries, so make sure you ‘take the waters’ while visiting – no matter how bad it tastes. Try the different pumps as some taste MUCH BETTER than others.

Hepburn Springs has a Swiss-Italian atmosphere due the founders who obviously came from that region. To celebrate the founders a Swiss-Italian festival is held every year in April. Many of the buildings reflect the founders including the pasta factory (one of the oldest in Australia) and a few of the older buildings. Needless to say with a Swiss-Italian background it is a great place to eat.

The region is surrounded by eucalyptus trees (Wombat State Forest), with undulating hills, flowing creeks and has abundant quality accommodation and restaurants.


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