So you are thinking of visiting the Melbourne CBD

The thing I like about Melbourne is the mix. Of architecture, of culture, of fashion, of personality. You cannot get bored in Melbourne – there is just so much to do. The theatres are comparable to anywhere in the world offering the latest blockbusters to cutting edge fringe theatre.

Melbourne is a culture of food and it centres around the Victoria Market.  Retail delights
at bargain prices.  The restaurants and cafes display the cultural diversity of this town offering service and foods for any budget or taste.
A walk around the city will impress you with aromas of freshly made coffee, shopping malls filled with cafes and specialty  retailers, and buskers to entertain you. There’s even a free tram that circles the city.

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and considered to be the financial and cultural hub of Australia.  It is a large city and growing bigger all the time. The architecture ranges from heritage to ultra modern and everything in between.

I find Melbourne an exciting destination.   The city offers a diversity of culture, shopping and entertainment that fascinates me.  From the Victoria Market to the Botanical Gardens to the Melbourne City Mall.  A short walk or drive can take you to a different part of the world. If you get bored in Melbourne then you haven’t ventured far enough from your hotel.



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