So you are thinking of visiting the Victorian Goldfields

The Victorian Goldfields are the legacy from the discovery of gold in Victoria’s central region in the 1800s.  The townships include Avoca, Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine, Clunes, Creswick, Dunolly, Maldon, Maryborough and Heathcote.  It is an area rich in history with much of the past wealth on display especially in the Victorian streetscapes of Bendigo and Ballarat.  The great hotels and public buildings show off the past wealth of these rural cities. There are still many original shopfronts and miners’ cottages in townships such as Maldon, Castlemaine and Dunolly.

The Victorian Goldfields are a great way to explore our  gold rush history. There are still several mines to explore including Sovereign Hill and the Central Deborah Gold Mine, as well as learning from the Eureka Centre and the Ballarat Gold Museum.

Although Ballarat and Bendigo are the largest regions the smaller townships have plenty to offer including beautiful streetscapes, heritage architecture and wonderful attractions.  Why not fit more than one town on your day out or stay in several over a week.


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You can’t take a trip to Ballarat without taking in it’s history. The best way to do this is by visiting Sovereign Hill. Sovereign Hill is a recreated 1850’s goldmine and one of the best attractions in Australia. You can experience our goldrush past by panning for gold, shopping in the authentic streets and eating at the original restaurants. There…          Click here
Bendigo is my favorite rural city. They just seem to know how to get it right. Driving into the city you will notice flower beds full of colour, with a central heritage fountain in the centre of town. If you haven’t been to bendigo before you don’t know what you are missing out on. Magnificent heritage buildings, tree lined streets…          Click here
Castlemaine is a rural town around an hour from Melbourne along the Calder Highway.  It is a vibrant town with restaurants, cafes, accommodation and even it’s own Movie Theatre.   It is known as the hotrod capital of Australia and is home to the Castlemaine Gaol. Castlemaine offers a vibrant country town with every modern convenience. The town maintains its beautiful…      Click here
Don’t be fooled into thinking Creswick is just a petrol stopover between towns (although it usually has the cheapest fuel around).  It’s lake is comparable to Daylesford’s although hard to find. The dining is exceptional (you must try the authentic French pastries and the surrounding countryside magnificent. The historic township of Creswick is located on the Midland Highway around 15…     Click here
The first thing you notice on the approach to Daylesford is the tall eucalyptus trees lined on both sides of the road. I have nearly always approached from the midland Highway (Ballarat – Melbourne Rd) so it has become my favorite but whichever way you come from there are winding roads with tall trees.   Daylesford has a feeling of abundance….     Click here
Maldon is like stepping 100 years into the past. Very few towns have kept their historic look and feel as well as Maldon has. In fact it was the first Victorian town to be classified by the National Trust. Wide verandahs, large shade trees, flagstone paving and original style shop fronts provide a streetscape that will make you feel like…    Click here


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