Sorry Telstra Anti-Virus Plus Security never worked anyhow

Having been a Telstra broadband customer for many years the downloadable software named Anti-Virus Plus Security would have been very handy if it worked. I doubt it ever worked – certainly didn’t for me. I found it so bad I put in a complaint to the CEO of Telstra. Someone from the office arranged for Telstra’s expert to help me.
It took the tech guy over an hour remotely installing the software on my 5 android devices. Even he said it was a nightmare to use. Stupidly I assumed it would be good from then onwards. It wasn’t. Two years later I had a virus disrupt one of my devices. On checking I saw Telstra appeared to have never updated the version of the software. Even worse the software on the phone hadn’t downloaded updates in two years. If you check out the reviews in Google apps for years people have stated it doesn’t work.
So really it means Telstra are removing a product they offered to entice customers that was flawed if not completely ineffective. Something they should have done several years ago. Kind heartedly they have left the version that resides within your modem to protect while you are at home. How many devices do you have at home that you never take away from home. So finally we can forget about Telstra Anti-Virus Plus Security and purchase something that really helps protect our devices.

Personally I use Norton.

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