Stingray Bay, Warrnambool

When driving down Pertobe Road on the way to the Breakwater you will find Stingray Bay on your right hand side.  It is easy to find.  If you start to see the penguin island (Middle Island) to your right then you are at Stingray Bay.  The beach is located at the mouth of the Merri River and creates tidal pools.  It is a fantastic place to sit and watch the large crashing waves on both sides of the islands.

This is an amazing beach where the tide recedes so far you can walk all the way across to the islands (although access is no longer allowed).  If you do walk across keep a close eye on the tide as many people have been caught out and had to be rescued and several not so lucky.  I take the view that if the tide is on the way in then I am on the way out.  People do swim here but the signs indicate strong undercurrents so take caution.  Safest place to dip is probably in the tidal pools left in front of the rocks where the footbridge crosses.

Good news is that there are toilets in the carpark open 7 days a week.  There is limited parking on the beach edge next to the toilets but if they fill up you can park in the middle of the road.  If you don’t feel like walking on the beach park in the middle of the road facing the beach, roll down your windows and breath in the sea breeze.  My favorite spot for takeaway in Warrnambool.

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