So you’re thinking of visiting Port Campbell?

A very trendy coastal town lined with restaurants and cafes right down to the beaches edge.  If you are going along the Great Ocean Road then Port Campbell has to be on your list. Not only is the town picturesque but it is surrounding by some of the most stunning scenery you will see on your trip including the Twelve Apostles.

Port Campbell is not a large seaside town with under a thousand permanent residents but offers facilities hard to match on the Great Ocean Road including a national park,  stunning beaches and a very good selection of dining. Drive down to the beach for views of the inlet and surrounding Port Campbell National Park where you can enjoy the beach, go for a swim or walk up to the jetty.

If you are looking for a base to explore the Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell is an excellent location and within driving distance for a daytrip to Warrnambool.


Is Geelong part of the Great Ocean Road?

The Great Ocean Road is one of the best destinations in Australia if not the world so if you are going to make the trip you need to know where it goes.  A little over an hour from Melbourne (where most visitors will begin the journey) Geelong is a vibrant city overlooking Corio Bay with the Moorabool River running through its centre.

Is Geelong part of the Great Ocean Road?  No.  In fact a definite no.  It has been known as the Gateway to the Great Ocean Road as it is only 20 minutes from Torquay and is a popular seaside destination.  I would see at as close cousin to the GOR.  Before heading off on your GOR adventure consider spending a day or two in Geelong as this rural city has a lot to offer.

Geelong has a population approaching 220,000 (almost as big as Hobart).  The city is sophisticated with very good dining with views of the bay (you can even dine over the water at the end of Cunninghan Pier).  There are clubs, hotels, bars and theatres to keep you entertained as well as several movie theatres.  Accommodation is abundant with plenty of choice in quality and price.

So now you know Geelong is not part of the Great Ocean Road but is the key that unlocks your coastal adventure so don’t give it a miss on your way through.





Ocean Road could be a lot Greater

As it was a beautiful winter’s day I thought I would take a trip from Warrnambool to Apollo Bay to blow away a few cobwebs. It is around a two hour drive and there are some truly amazing sights along the way. Let’s be honest this is one of Victoria’s if not Australia’s best tourist attractions. In fact when you arrive at Apollo Bay you will understand how much of their economy relies on international tourism.
Then why, oh why is so little being spent`on this fantastic tourism asset. In a 2014 report on the it states tourism brings in 1.9 Billion to the Great Ocean Road economy so why is so little spent upgrading it and maintaining it. Between Apollo Bay and Port Cambell the road is poorly maintained with some dips so deep I was worried the car would bottom out.
Then there are far too few toilets for the distances involved. Not everyone is in a luxury bus with a toilet at the back. So lets add a few stops along the way.
Don’t get me wrong I would still recommend the Great Ocean Road to any visitor but with a warning to not drive a close to the ground car (sports car enthusiasts beware) and don’t have to much coffee between stops.