Did you bring a jumper?

Whether heading out for a day trip, weekend or a long stay vacation consider the motto of the scouts and “Be Prepared”.  The weather may look fine and forecasts predicting a beautiful sunny day but things can go horribly wrong.  Wise advice is don’t just pull on the shorts, button up a short sleeve shirt and slip into the bongers.

Many areas of Victoria can get very cold, very quick and you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash for an overpriced top you may never wear again.  Many years ago I volunteered to drive a minibus for an event at Daylesford around Christmas.  People from around Australia and overseas were staying in the town and being December they expected warm weather.  Mother Nature was in a foul mood and nightly temperatures dropped down to 2 degrees Celcius.  Very, very cold.

By the time I picked up people on my bus round they were near freezing.  Even worse many were in tents at the camping grounds and it was too cold to sleep.  Others were very generous and lent clothes and blankets but it was a good lesson in being prepared.

Even down the Great Ocean Road I have headed down the beach from a warm location only to be shivering cold by the time I got to the beach.  

So do what I do.  Always have some warm backup clothes and shoes no matter how confident the weather report seems.