To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Do we have the right to force parents to vaccinate? Apparently not. This is why people in vulnerable financial positions are being squeezed into vaccinating their children. The government does not have the will to enforce so they use financial penalties – unless you can give a religious excuse.

I am not pro or against vaccination. I can see value in arguments on both sides. My mother said I was a very healthy baby until I was vaccinated and then was weak and ill for many years. Recently I had a flu vaccination, had a reaction and tried to report it. I could not find anywhere to on the internet to report and my GP wasn’t interested. If vaccines are perfectly safe make it easy to report adverse reactions so the public can get a true perspective. Also for anything to work better you need to know when things go wrong so why make it so hard to report.

I get very concerned when people are forced against very strong convictions no matter how right medical advisors think they are (and they have made some terrible mistakes in the past). It would be more helpful to have an easy access portal for reporting adverse reactions that is made public so we can make an informed decision. I am pro vaccination but not pro enforcement. If vaccination is totally safe rely in information and education. All we are getting currently is dogma from both ends of the spectrum.

Now may be one of the most important times in history for vaccination with covid-19. Let’s get some rational, irrefutably information camly explained that makes us all feel comfortable with getting our next shots.

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