Turned 60. It’s time to bulk up

When I turned 60 I knew I had lost a lot of strength and muscle as well as gaining far to much weight. I had a serious heart condition while still doing a major renovation after completing two in the last two years. It was only when I was carrying a large beam over my shoulder that caused a lot of pressure pain that I realised how much muscle I had lost. On commenting to my wife on the muscle loss she said she didn’t want to say but my legs looked skeletal. That was the final blow.
I had been working out on my Total Gym which is brilliant for maintaining tone and keeping strength but I had never seen muscle gain over the years I had used it. I decided to start doing push ups and squats (non weight bearing). Two sets of 5 push ups was my limit and double for the squats. The squats I still don’t enjoy but that is because I need them the most and they take a lot of work to stay balanced. In six months I was up to 2 sets of 15 push ups (now one set of 20) and 2 sets of 20 squats.
As well as the Total Gym I have a home gym with a built in Smith Machine. I decided to increase the weights I had previously used and test the results. This is where I saw the muscle gain. Doing squats and dead lifts with the heavier weights I quickly noticed (as did my wife) increased muscle mass in my glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings. Heavier weights on other exercises also increased my delts, triceps and biceps. My chest is the most toned it has been in two decades.
Don’t get me wrong. I am still well off my weight loss goal. I have a lot of muscle gain and shaping to go. But working is easier because I am much stronger. I ache less than I used to. I feel better about myself and really do feel I can be as good as I was in my thirties and probably in better shape. It just takes time and a lot of effort. Let’s be the one in a thousand in our age group in fantastic shape.

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