Victoria’s mask laws aren’t confusing – they’re silly

Don’t get me wrong. I have been a great supporter of face masks from the beginning although some regs are not logical. A runner who is breathing heavily spewing from the deepest part of their lungs is allowed to run past me with no mask. Yeah that was a great idea.

But now we are in Covid normal (or pretty damn close) I have no idea when to where a mask. Although I can understand customers going into a cafe and no longer needing a mask but staff serving scores to hundreds of people a day should wear a mask – especially in food preparation. Food outlets and cafes in shopping centres have to wear masks where shopping strips don’t.

I have to wear a mask in Bunnings but my local hardware (where half the staff are wearing masks) I don’t know if I do. I put on a mask for the post office but apparently I didn’t need to, the same went for the library, and the service station. At the local market most of the food stalls wore masks – did they need to? Who knows.

Life is hard enough nowadays and we have to carry a mask with us everywhere. Let’s keep the bureaucrats at bay and get some very plain speak on where and when I need to mask up. Soon please.

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