Western Beach, Geelong

Western Beach in Geelong is a stretch of water that runs between Rippleside Beach and Cunningham Pier. You can walk along the edge of the water on man made paths or high above the steep cliff edge near the water’s edge. The walk along this beach has been upgraded including a section that takes you out over the water.
Western Beach is not a destination for swimming (although you can). It is more for taking in the tranquil views of Corio Bay, watching the boats or enjoying a walk along the beach. The houses along the top of the cliffs are some of the most sought after in Geelong for their close proximity to the city and great views over Corio Bay.
As you walk along Western Beach, enjoy the Bollards depicting the character of Geelong from the past. As you get closer to the city you will pass the Western Beach Boat Club and can view several vessels upon the bay.
Western Beach is not a spectacular location to spend a day but well worth a walk either on its shore or above the cliff just to enjoy its panoramic view of the bay. Better still grab some fish and chips and seat yourself under a shady tree high above the water and just drift away.



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