What do I give for a tenth wedding anniversary?

Congratulations that you are approaching your 10th wedding anniversary. This is a big occasion so you will want to get it right. I don’t know about you but my partner can never quite hide a look of disappointment so I really want to get it right. The traditional gift for a 10th wedding anniversary is Tin with some cultures using Aluminium.
Let’s be honest, even for a traditionalist handing over a tin or aluminium gift no matter how well it is boxed is going to be hard to impress. Would you want a tin cup or an aluminium broach for your anniversary? Probably not unless perhaps it was a key to a new car and that may be going over the top especially if they find out it is really a lease for the business passed off as a great gift.
Fortunately there are still many gifts made of tin (pewter) and aluminium specially for gifting as an anniversary gift. For example a picture of you both in a pewter frame or an aluminium sculpture that commemorates your relationship.
If you want to splash out then the best way is to take the modern approach. The modern gift for a tenth wedding anniversary is a diamond jewelry. Doesn’t have to be big but it does need to have a diamond. You are not going to get a gift more memorable than a diamond so if you can afford it why not?
Anniversaries are very important especially in a modern world where relationships don’t seem to last. Make it important to celebrate every one and give something than can be enjoyed and remembered for many years to come. Congratulations!.

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