Will anyone even miss Google?

The same for Facebook as well. I don’t like Facebook, it’s owner or how it is used. Too many people trying to be a minor celebrity and giving frequent unwanted and incorrect comments on subjects they know nothing about. Even worse is that it is used as a platform for radical politicians and celebrities to push their idiotic ideologies.
Back to Google. It was a very good search engine before it became a greedy mega company totally interested in increasing profits and monopolising its market. Nowadays it is as simple as ABC. Like many people I have disliked Google’s attitude to web owners and the myriad of rules you are expected to know not to fall foul of them. Break their rules and your website can be banned. Many businesses have been destroyed overnight by this.
So how bad would it be if Google left? There are alternatives that could step in so I could search. It may be a little different but I would soon get used to it. Do the papers that have charged a fortune in the past for classifieds (they called classifieds their rivers of gold) deserve to be paid for their displays in searches and Google News. Certainly Not. They should be happy to be found. You only get a snippet of the article and have to subscribe to get the rest (although some give a few free per month). They should be happy for the exposure. I would.
Would I miss Google. Yes. Would I get around it. Certainly. Once again this whole thing feels like politicians looking after their mates once again.

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